Studio Soundproofing

Castrol - Anechoic Chamber

Here’s how Castrol brought engine wear to life using a sound sculpture made entirely out of light.

The concept with this project was to visualise the sound of a car engine with light.

To get the perfect sound off the engine they needed a very high quality bespoke designed Anechoic chamber,,, and they made it green to look good!

Have a look at our Gallery for the behind the scenes making of this project.

Another Space (Spin Studio)

When Another Space approached us with the idea of using Hexagon tiles in there flash new spin studio in Lester Square we were very excited for the final result.

They not only wanted a stylish finish to the room but there was a real problem with the acoustics in the room.

Another Space


Whether you are running a professional recording studio or editing suite, or are simply a home recording enthusiast Cutfoam has an array of foam products for both soundproofing, sound insulation, sound absorption and sound treatment.

Our technicians have 30 years experience with insulation and noise control so can give advice in terms that you can understand. Full data sheets available upon request.

Bespoke Soundproofing

If you want a professional, practical and stylish look to your recording studio go for our bespoke soundproofing.

You can work with our design team to get the best finish for your studio.