Foam Props

Ministry of Sound

This project for itv's Love island in collaboration with the Ministry of Sound.

They approached us with the concept of giant logos that floated in the pool. We used our coating and logo transfer technology along with some complex cnc cutting to produce a stunning final piece.

If you would like a giant float of your own Give us a call today!

SCHUH (Autumn/Winter)

Schuh Autumn/Winter new video campaign featuring Cutfoam props!

Schuh came to Cutfoam with the brief of making a range of props for there Autumn/Winter video campaign that look just like giant icicles & rusty metal boxes.

This was a real challenge for the Cutfoam spray department but they pulled it off with a stunning finish which you can see in there promotional video.

SCHUH (Kids)

Schuh Kids new video campaign featuring Cutfoam props!

Schuh came to Cutfoam with the brief of making a range of props for there Kids video campaign. The advertising team at Schuh wanted a really fresh look to the video in contrast to the brutal industrial look of the adult campaign video.

There concept was to have some playful props made in the form of giant pencils, fruit and some pool balls so that the video as well as having a commercial intention would have a playful feel.

Giant Burger

This delicious looking item was made with a combination of rubber coated foam and sheets of coloured closed-cell foam.

If you would like us to build you a burger of your own Give us a calltoday!
Giant Burger

Giant Pencils

These bright and bold pencil props were created for a photo shoot.

This project was particularly challenging due to the variety of different colours on each pencil. However, Cutfoam was able to give the the eye-catching finished products a sharp and clean finish.

If you have a project that needs a steady hand drop us a linetoday.
Giant pencils

Story Terrace

Story Terrace is an amazing organisation that helps people tell their stories. They find ordinary people in society who have done incredible things and enable these people to tell the world about it.

Story Terrace approached us with the concept of a giant book the public could look through to raise awareness for the work they do.

For more on Story Terrace visit their website.
Story Terrace

The South Bank Installation

When the South Bank Centre celebrated its 50th anniversary, Architects Amenity Spaces commissioned Cutfoam to produce a 1/25th scale model of the Royal Festival Halls, the Queen Elizabeth Hall and the famous Hayward Gallery.

The brief included introducing architecture to children. The three building complex was chopped up and presented as a giant puzzle format and in contrast to the stark grey concrete building they were produced with a bold primary colour finish in order to appeal to children.
South Bank

Lulu Guinness

Lulu Guinness the world wide fashion label came to Cutfoam to make some props to liven there shop displays up.

The colourful giant lipsticks looked great in there trendy London shop.

We achieved exact colour matches with our rubberised coatings to obtain the vivid colours they were asking for.
Lulu Guinness

Kiss FM

Kiss FM one of the nations favourite radio stations needed giant letter "k" for there upcoming promotional events.
The biggest of the K's was over 1.3m high and just as wide!
Using our RAL colour matching service we got them the perfect brand colour match for the coating colours.
Kiss FM

Foam Characters

When we were approached with the brief of making foam characters we thought it would be a great challenge.

Not only were the figures complex to make but the client want these caricatures to feel alive and sell the brand they were representing.

The final result was fantastic and we think they really came to life.

If you would like to us to create some characters of your own, contact us today.

Giant toothbrush

When we were approached with the brief of making a giant toothbrush we were excited about the challenge and how we were going to make it happen

It was a very complex shape to profile but also very large. The team made the cut and rubber coated and it came out looking great.

If you would like to us to create some Giant props for you, contact us today.

Stacking Furniture

We were approached with a brief to create stacking modular furniture for an indoor event; the unique aspect being that all of the pieces could be a real feature when not in use.

Get in touch if you need furniture with an extra wow factor for your event.
Stacking Furniture


Cutfoam was approached by Charles Churchman Design to create promotional items for a trade show.

The brief was a tough one because a number of different component parts were required. Over 50,000 rivets needed to be put in place, which required a cunning relief cutting technique with an underlay of gold film.

In the end the logos really stood out with the gold film underlay giving a great effect and really bringing the stand to life at the trade show. Talk to us if you want to make a splash at your next trade show.