Office Soundproofing

Sound Reduction

Meeting rooms, conference areas and boardrooms are meant to be a place of privacy for discussion and dialogue. Yet too often poor design in partitioning or ceiling construction lets the outside know what is going on inside.

Don’t let your privacy become public through poorly constructed walls. We can soundproof your walls and soundproof ceilings. We can offer solutions on either a material supply basis or supply and install with all of our soundproofing foams.

Pantone Colour Matched

Cutfoam can create bespoke soundproofing that exactly matches your brand's colours, ensuring your office stays stylish, whilst reducing unwanted noise.

This can be achieved by opting for the egg profile rubber coating with Pantone matching for the perfect colour combination to bring life to you room.

Speak to us today to discuss adding a pop of colour to your soundproofing.
Colour Match


We have highly professional staff with years of soundproofing experience who are able to advise you about the different options available to you and the methods of installation.

We are able to work with limited budgets, in any type of room. Give us a call today to get a free quote for your soundproofing requirements.