Foam Seating


Cutfoam is the industry-leading expert in custom-made foam seating. We provide seating for pubs, restaurants, and cinemas, as well as custom seating for many event specialists.

Talk to us - we are confident we can meet your needs, no matter how big or prestigious the design brief.


Our technicians make every bit of furniture by hand here in London. If you fancy popping in to see the processes involved in furniture making, come up with, feel free to come and see us.

Cutfoam HQ is a five minute walk from Tottenham Hale Tube Station, which is on the Victoria Line. Drop us a line before you stop by and we'll stick the kettle on ready for your arrival.


Cutfoam's expertise is limitless when it comes to seating. We can do anything from one-off cushions to large-scale commercial fit-outs.

We were commissioned to create the bespoke seating for ice cream cafe chain Creams. The brief was to design furniture featuring Creams brand colours and incorporate the logo by embroidering it into the tops of the seats. Cutfoam technicians completed the entire manufacturing process, from the wooden frames, to the seating covers.

Does your restaurant need a refurb? Get in touch!

Bring Your Ideas to Life

If you are a professional designer or just have a creative streak in you, you can come to us with your ideas and bring them to life.

Contact us and you can work with our highly skilled in-house design team to take your idea from concept to finished piece of furniture.
Your Ideas


One of our most common requests is buttoning. Having supplied chesterfield with foam designed for this exact process our technicians are masters at doing this.

For more information on this process talk to our technicians on 020 8880 0828.


Piping can neaten up the seams or frayed edges on any cushion, and the Cutfoam team are expert pipers!

For more information on this process talk to our technicians on 020 8880 0828.

Polystyrene Core

There's more to us than just foam! A common trick for making certain pieces of furniture more cost effective and lighter to transport is to make the core of the item out of polystyrene.

It can also be useful for making the piece of furniture a little firmer without using a denser foam and subsequently loosing the comfort factor.

For more information on this process and find out why it might be right for you, give us a call and one of our trained technicians will take you through it.