Foam Inserts

Harvey Nichols

Harvey Nichols came to Cutfoam for there high end bottle inserts.

They wanted the best quality and in huge volume which is always a challenge to do so many beautifully crafted items on a mass scale.

As you can see form the image our inserts fitted perfectly to every strange bottle shape they required us to package.
Harvey Nichols

Felt Flocking

We do many different types of inserts for many high value products.

For a premium look, go for the felt flocking topped insert. With its pure black finish and soft feel, it is perfect for giving a brilliant first impression and professional finish.
Felt Flocking

Colour Topped

For a more punchy finish to your packaging you can go for the colour topped combination..

You can pick form a wide range of colourful foams to finish off your design.
Colour Topped

Anti-Static Foam

For packaging where anti-static is an essential requirement, Cutfoam offer our AS23 anti-static foam with a surface resistivity of 10/12 ohm/sq to ASTM D257> and a density of 23 kg/m3 .

We can provide anti-static foam in sheets, cut to any size or shape. Alternatively we can cut foam for inserts to protect electronic devices. This foam is not fire retardant and is pink in colour. Contact us for more information and a quote.

Closed-Cell/Grey RD Combi

For a luxury look on a budget you can go for the LD45/Grey-RD Combi.

It uses a combination of premium LD45 closed cell foam on top of a base of Grey-RD so you can get the professional look you want on a tighter budget.

Pure Black Coating

If you want the open cell look of Grey-RD packaging foam but you want a black finish, you can get a pure black coating applied to it.
Pure Black Coating

Finger Pulls

If you have items that you want fully submerged in foam, we can help you achieve a flush professional look. To make your product accessible, we recommend that you have finger pulls put in, to allow customers to easily access the items.
Finger Pulls

Complex One-Offs

Do you have a complex low-volume product that need complex packaging? Look no further.

Our highly-skilled production team will hand make the inserts to your exact requirements.
One Offs

Complex Pressings

Do you have a item to package with a complex shape?

Cutfoam will develop a bespoke tool made to fit your item into it with a perfect fit.
Complex Pressings

Large Foam Inserts

We are able to create packaging for larger items or a number of items that you need to package at the same time. We are able to accommodate dimensions of 500mm x 1000mm dependant on the grade and thickness of foam you chose.

If your sizes are larger than the parameters of the machine we can hand make up to 2000 x 2200 x 1200.
Large Inserts