Case Inserts

Closed-Cell/Grey RD Combi

For a luxury look on a budget you can go for the LD45/Grey-RD Combi.

It uses a combination of premium LD45 closed-cell foam on top of a base of Grey-RD so you can get the professional look you want on a tighter budget.


If you want a top-of-the-line insert, Cutfoam offers a 100% closed-cell insert.

This foam both looks great with its sleek black finish, as well as being weather-proof and water-resistant. it is ideal for items that need a hardier foam for transport or for products that would stain or damage the lower grade open cell foam inserts.

Large Foam Inserts

We are able to create packaging for larger items or a number of items that you need to package at the same time. We are able to accommodate dimensions of 500mm x 1000mm dependant on the grade and thickness of foam you chose.

If your sizes are larger than the parameters of the machine we can hand make up to 2000 x 2200 x 1200.
Large Inserts

Colour Topped

For a more punchy finish to your packaging you can go for the colour topped combi.

You can pick form a wide range of colourful foams to finish off your design.
Colour Topped